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“I was born Angalee. The streets call me China, but God called me
Rose. He says, China, how many times need I say, it’s a waste of your time child please don’t run away. You’re soon to come back or will it be too late? Lost in the dark in the depths of the sea, hoping someone will come & find thee. Then there you go again screaming my name. Father God, Father God, why haven’t you came? For I’ve been here all the time, it’s your sins you need to blame. For my words say knock & the door shall be open, seek & you shall find. Then I’ll sit back & I’ll do your time. I’ll make sure you commit no more crimes. He said, just bring your life and give it to me, for the Heavenly Kingdom is a sure guarantee. He said, you tried the dope, now look for hope. You ran the streets, now read the Bible and get some real relief. You put on a jacket & thought you were in a gang, tryna be cute because you wanted to hang. Tokin’ & chokin thought you were gettin’ high, you were getting alright – gettin’ ready to die. Leaving your sister & leaving your brothers, leaving your children without a mom. He said, take my words and read from Psalm. He said, you been everywhere, now come with me. Let me show you how your life really should be. He said, cross the path & make a right on Moses drive pull beside any ole mansion cause we’ve arrived. He said knowing the plans that I have for thee, I’ll ask you one more time, will you live your life for me, Angalee? And that’s when I knew that God had truly set me free. The doors to my past has closed, and then He said, welcome home, Rose.”

-Angalee, Kent County 2022