Our Work

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Christ-centered hope and healing through biblically-based, chaplain led, volunteer jail ministries. Our vision is for every incarcerated person to experience new life in Christ
and develop healthy family, church, and community relationships.

RTF offers a wide variety of Bible correspondence courses that are free of cost to inmates in the facilities we serve. Over 16,000 Bible courses were completed annually.

Chaplains and volunteers distribute free Bibles. Over 15,000 were distributed in the last calendar year. Many of our Bibles are donated by local churches and community groups.

GRO Pods are dedicated housing units in the jail where inmates voluntarily engage in programs that teach biblically-based life principles. Topics include anger resolution, parenting, marriage, personal finance, and in-depth Bible study. Approximate recidivism (re-offense) rates of participants have shown reductions from 75% to 25%.

Chaplains and volunteers meet one-to-one and in small groups with inmates to discuss biblical principles and how to apply them to the life of the inmates.

Inmates come together throughout each week for facilitated studies of the Bible led by RTF chaplains or volunteers.

Chaplains and volunteers circulate Christian books as well as other healthy reading material to encourage literacy and personal development.

Chaplains facilitate worship services conducted by local churches each week.

RTF provides biblically-based substance abuse treatment classes. We partner with local churches and community services to provide seamless transitions to addiction recovery upon release from jail.

Clergy visits with church members or their immediate family are arranged by RTF chaplains. Upon request, they also facilitate inmate connections with religious leaders of other faiths.

RTF connects inmates with community re-entry organizations and community agencies to facilitate inmate connections to employment, housing, food, clothing, mental health, a local church, and other needs.

Healing the Wounded Heart helps people with pain and/or trauma find healing, engage with Scripture, and become more resilient, leading to better relationships with family, friends, and the community.

We currently have chaplains and/or volunteers training in: Kent, Ottawa, Allegan, Oceana, Livingston, Ingham, Midland, Newago, Kalamazoo, and Van Buren

We host training 5-6 times a year in locations around the State as well as online.  To obtain a list of upcoming training contact SallieN@jailministry.org.

For more information see https://traumahealinginstitute.org/resources