At a young age, Jen was separated from her mother because of her mom’s self-destructive addictions and behavior. She experienced abuse, homelessness, and learned how to steal to survive. At 18, she was on her own and turned to the life her mother taught her. After years of running from God, Jen went to jail and even considered suicide to end the pain.

While in jail, Jen was given a Bible through Reach the Forgotten Jail Ministry. “I began to read my Bible like never before,” Jennifer remembers. “It was as if the words on the pages were written just for me.”

With daughters of her own, Jen knew that something had to change. In jail, she surrounded herself with supportive and godly women that taught biblical life principles. A new life was possible through Christ.

After Jen left jail, she began attending church with the women who cared for her while on the inside. Jen was reunited with her daughters last year and now knows how to provide a stable home for her girls.

“Without Reach the Forgotten, I wouldn’t have been able to be a mom again. For two years of my life, I was away from my children, but we are now a family again. RTF gave me hope in my darkest moment.”

FMM - Jennifer Testimony from Forgotten Man Ministries on Vimeo.