Sharing Christmas together is a gift from God. The Modert family will never take that gift for granted again.

Trapped in the grip of a meth addiction, deputies showed up at their door in February of 2012.

“I had to wake up each one of my children and tell them they had to go with a stranger because I was being arrested. That was the bottom for me—it was the lowest I’ve ever been,” Amber shares.

In jail, Jesse and Amber’s lives were changed when they surrendered their lives to Christ. A place that initially felt completely hopeless became the place of transformation.

As Christmas approached, the weight of being away from their children was setting in. But God spoke clearly to Amber and reminded her that HE was the reason for hope in the Christmas season. Instead of despairing, she celebrated the birth of Jesus with her fellow inmates. After jail, they were reunited with their children. Today the Modert’s own their own business, have a son in college and volunteer in the jail where they came to faith in Jesus.

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