Jason from Branch County recalls his history with the jail system, drug abuse, and the road that led him to where he is today. Here is Jason’s story:

“Life has been a struggle for me. It started out with Leukemia as a child. There were a few more situations I shouldn’t have made it out of. But by God‘s grace, I did.

At age 17 I started on my road with the Department of Corrections and have been doing the same ever since. I’m 39 and have been to prison five times, and was again sitting in another cell on my way back.

This time I was facing more life falls for separate drug charges. By the grace of God, He gave me just one year in Branch County Jail. I am thankful and grateful because He gave me one last shot at life.

Coming to jail saved my life. I was in a dark place using meth every day, and all day long. I hated myself and everyone and everything around me. I didn’t know what it felt like to be sober. I would look in the mirror and not know who I was.

During my stay, Chaplain Jessica and her team ministered to me and brought the Light in with them to show the way. Currently, I’m sitting here filled with the Spirit of God. I’m so grateful God didn’t leave me in the dark place. Thanks to Jesus, I’m saved by grace and walking by faith.”

Chaplain Jessica says, “Jason was released on August 10th and has stayed in contact with me. He is still sober and is working full-time. Jason is full of passion and ideas to reach his community for Christ. He is an evangelist at heart! Jason has a heart to see others escape the dark through having a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Shortly after being released he made contact with a local Pastor and is attending church. Jason was baptized on October 29th at a local community baptism night.

Jason also plans to join the ministry at the Branch County Jail in one year to help other men who are sitting in the same place he was and bring the hope of Jesus!

God has truly redeemed Jason and given him a second chance at life. The best part of the work being done here in Branch is watching God restore life to the inmate! Just one encounter with God can revive one to a new life!”